Adobe Sign

A digital campaign that inspires

Signature Moments

Adobe Sign is a fast, easy way to send and receive documents that require one or more signatures without the hassle of printing and scanning. To promote this new product, Adobe tasked Matchfire with creating a fun and engaging microsite that would become the platform for its Signature Moments campaign. Our development team began by building a platform that scours users’ Facebook history to find the six most engaging posts they’ve ever shared. Users are then presented with these posts to choose their favorite “Signature Moment.”

Additionally, an extensive database of historical moments from each day of the year was built to offer users a fun glimpse into the significance of their own signature moment. The user can then share those moments to Facebook and enter the Adobe Signature Moments Sweepstakes. With this functionality in place, our design team went to work building a visually striking microsite that would convey the importance of marking the best moments in life with a signature. Colorful, playful design and a user-friendly layout resulted in a highly-engaging site with thousands of moments shared.

Strategic Solutions:

  • Data Science and Insights
  • Customer Journey Strategy

Engagement Solutions

  • Digital Experience Design & Development
  • Concepting and Design Services
  • Website Management
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