John Wayne Cancer Foundation

Reigniting a Vibrant Foundation

Our team is working with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to develop an industry-leading membership program, leveraging assets from John Wayne Enterprises to lead expanded fundraising, branding, and marketing efforts. What the Foundation is most intrigued by is the fact that we are working with both organizations to develop programs to expand opportunities for both. Our organizational development and maximization work will build a tiered Foundation Membership Program designed to expand the Foundation’s individual giving program among John Wayne’s fan base. Further work with the Foundation includes an alliance marketing campaign around the Foundation’s Block the Blaze initiative, summer camp programming, and guiding the Foundation in developing a comprehensive entertainment marketing strategy to engage donors and increase brand awareness. We’re working with the Foundation to revamp and reignite their social media marketing strategy to position them as a leader in the cancer foundation space.

Strategic Solutions:

  • Customer Journey Strategy
  • Comprehensive Marketing Planning
  • Brand and Product Launch
  • CSR and Social Good Strategy

Engagement Solutions:

  • Brand Marketing
  • Digital Experience Design & Development
  • Multichannel Campaign Development
  • Concepting and Design Services
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