A wine brand with an unapologetic personality

Toast to anything

The sweet wine market is tainted by bad wines and cheesy brands, yet the muscat varietal tops the charts in sales year-over-year. Though the love for these wines tends to be hush-hush among wine connoisseurs (and basically shunned by wine critics), there’s no doubt people love off-dry, sweeter style wines. That said, it’s debatable which of the popular brands would be considered appropriate for a dinner party. Enter Marmalade. When developing the product, we had one main objective in mind: ignore the wine snobbery to create a brand that speaks to the core of consumers — great design, backed by the right price and a good taste you would be proud to share with friends. The aesthetic reflects poise and credibility, while eliciting curiosity. Cheeky label copy is anchored by contrasting colors for a contemporary feel that creates shelf presence, plus a slice of orange for nostalgia.

Strategic Solutions:

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  • Customer Journey Strategy
  • Brand and Product Launch
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  • Concepting and Design Services
  • Digital Experience Design & Development
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