San Luis Obispo Vacations

Creating a hub and social community for San Luis Obispo tourism

The Happiest City in America!

Taking over the marketing initiatives for the City of San Luis Obispo tourism in 2014, our first order of business was to clean up the “SLO brand log-jam” – three brands, three websites, disparate messaging and a “broken” social media campaign. Our goal was to simplify the user experience by creating a cohesive digital experience – one website, one blog and one powerful social media campaign. In Fall 2015, we launched a fully responsive website that integrated the #ShareSLO campaign and community blog that provided a local perspective sought by many modern travelers. With stunning new photography and videography, the site is designed to inspire travelers to build their ultimate SLO vacation, even allowing them to save things to do through the “itinerary” feature. To drive site traffic, ultimately encouraging travelers to stay in SLO, we run year-round organic and paid media campaigns across digital and social platforms. Our ongoing community management of the #ShareSLO social channels has resulted in a 625% increase in engagement since March 2015. In February 2016, we launched the “Money for a Rainy Day” promotion that resulted in a ROI of $72,159, a 105% increase in site traffic and an article in the LA Times travel section touting the campaign ingenuity.

Management Solutions:

  • Marketing Investment Management
  • Multichannel Campaign Management
  • Social Media and Reputation Management

Engagement Solutions:

  • Digital Experience Design & Development
  • Content Marketing and Thought Leadership
  • Multichannel Campaign Development
  • Concepting and Design Services
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