Households struggle to communicate effectively. Over the past decade, the number of ways in which we communicate has exploded—from texting to social networks and instant messaging to mobile messaging apps. Although these new tools enable us to stay widely connected, using multiple channels actually dilutes the effectiveness of communications for households.

Research shows over two-thirds of homes admit that poor internal communication has lead to time-consuming, ineffective and stressful management of shared shopping, chores and finances. The result: households waste time, money and effort while increasing stress and disharmony, everyday.

HomeSlice's comprehensive platform provides roommates with the tools they need to stay on top of household supplies, chores, and bills, all contained within a user-friendly mobile application. HomeSlice's near-term development plans include launching in-app payments, brand partnerships to offer its users exclusive coupons and other savings opportunities based on their unique buying behaviors, as well as building out a host of new features which will make the app more functional for use by families.