Our dogs are more than pets. They’re more than our friends. They’re our family. They’re a part of our very active lives. We want to take them everywhere we go—out to dinner with friends, with us on a run, shopping together for a new chew toy. Whether we’re out on the town, on vacation, or snuggled on the couch, they belong right by our sides.

The founders of waggle realize that while dogs are not our whole life, they do make us—and our homes—more complete. And we understand that dog owners are increasingly purchasing products that are similar to the things that they might purchase for themselves.

They are more attuned to their dog’s health. Read and share more dog stories on social media. Buy premium, natural and custom-made products and services. Visit local ice cream shops that serve dog-friendly flavors. Stay at hotels that welcome their dogs with a treat. Dog owners strive for a better quality of life—for themselves and their pets.

So waggle was founded to leverage the power of design, data, and technology to enable dog people to have a healthy, active, and social lifestyle with their dogs. We are committed to creating delightful and informative products, services, and experiences that simply become a natural part of the equation.

We do this by delivering insightful technology, original and curated storytelling, exclusive sales, and unique experiences to dog owners. Things that will make dog people—and their dogs—forget the way it was before waggle.